The Characteristics and Classification of Metal Display Tower
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The main material of the metal display tower is various metals,process treatment methods such as baking paint, electrostatic spraying, surface treatment, etc. The appearance of the metal display tower is exquisite, the overall sturdy and durable, so that your products can be better displayed, you can choose the corresponding display rack according to different products.With the addition of a distinctive product logo, the product can be better displayed in front of customers, which strengthens the promotion of the product in disguise.

metal display tower

The metal display tower has the following characteristics:

1.Has a wealth of accessories,each accessory can be flexibly assembled,designed by professionals, with a variety of colors for you to choose.

2.The cost is relatively small, it is a very economical and reasonable choice.

3.Metal display tower have a wide range of applications and are generally suitable for all walks of life.Such as electrical appliances, electronics, tobacco and alcohol, daily necessities, glasses, cosmetics, handicrafts, automobiles, etc.

4.Removable design,metal display racks can often be used in various occasions. Its convenience and practicability are particularly important. The detachable design meets the basic needs.,It can be assembled when needed, and can be put away and installed when not needed. The process is also simple and convenient, which reduces the packaging and transportation volume of the metal display stand to the greatest extent.

Metal display tower can be divided into:

1. Cold rolled steel sheet is a product obtained by cold pressing of hot rolled sheet. Due to the multi-pass cold rolling, its surface quality is better than that of hot-rolled sheet. After heat treatment, good mechanical properties can be obtained

2. There are many types of steel pipes, and their performance requirements are also various. All these should be distinguished according to user requirements or changes in working conditions. Generally, steel pipe products are classified according to cross-sectional shape, production method, pipe material, connection method, plating characteristics and use, etc.

3. With iron wire, the hot metal billet is rolled into a 5mm thick steel bar, and then it is put into the wire drawing device to be drawn into wires of different diameters, and the diameter of the wire drawing reel is gradually reduced, and processing processes such as cooling, annealing and coating are carried out. Made of various specifications of iron wire

4. Perforated plate with metal holes on the surface for easy ventilation

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