Q: How about your MOQ QTY?

A: Normally our MOQ is 200 pieces for each molding.

Q: Do you have overseas offices or distributors?

A: Currently no, but we will put it very obviously on our website if so.

Q: Do you have certificate to prove the quality?

A: Yes, so far we have authoritative test report from SGS to prove our quality. More will come.

Q: Do you accept molding customization?

A: Yes, we can customize the molding according to customer’s requirement, but the order quality must be large or we will charge an extra fee for raw material production.

Q: What’s your usual lead time?

A: Our usual lead time is 25-30 days. For a tight schedule, we will keep you informed first.

Q: Do you use recycled material?

A: Absolutely no.

Q:Do you have wear layer and UV coating on molding?

A:It depends on customer requirement. Normally, we have 0.1mm wear layer on all types of molding except stair tread which uses 0.3mm wear layer. The UV coating is optional.

Q: How do you solve any customer complaint?

A: If our products have problems like fracture, discoloration, or snap within the warranty, we can refund.

Q: How about your warranty?

A: We offer warranty for different type of molding; even the same product may have different warranty. Please inquire for more.

Q: What kind of payment can you accept?

A: We prefer TT, but other method like LC, DP can also be accepted after discussion.



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