The Advantages of SPC/WPC Bending Stairnose/Tread
 Feb 09, 2023|View:291


        SPC/WPC bending stairnose is different from the traditional production process. This type of stairnose is a new product developed by our company. Since its publication, it has been recognized and favored by many customers.

        The traditional process of the stairnose is the use of SPC or WPC core and good adhesive PUR glue coated in the color film has been covered wear layer in advance, which is a bit of high production efficiency, shorten the delivery time. But its shortcomings are also more obvious, the traditional process of the stairnose/tread can not fundamentally solve the glossy and floor completely consistent problem, because it has no UV layer, can not do the same as the floor texture, thickness (height difference problem), EIR, buckle type and other problems. Because it is using another extrusion process to produce the core, and SPC/WPC core is completely different; The curved stairs also need to be slotted twice, but even then, it is impossible to achieve the exact same type of buckle and locking force as the floor. The extrusion mold size is fixed, and the nose size of the stair board or stair step is uniform and fixed, which cannot meet the personalized problem of different requirements of the nose size of the customer; The width of the stairnose/tread surface is also uniform and fixed, which cannot meet the requirements of increasingly innovative designers. For example, the stepping surface exceeding 300mm is almost difficult to be realized through traditional technology;


        The bending stairnose/tread developed by our company can fundamentally solve the defect problem that cannot be solved by traditional technology. It uses the real finished floor or the floor core to fold the finished floor or the floor core into the size required by the customer through heating through customized professional equipment and data setting. Its advantages are quite obvious:

1- Be perfectly spliced with the floor, no height difference, no gloss difference;

2- Size (stairnose width, step surface width, nose size, etc.) flexible customization, to meet customer personalized design requirements;

3- Achieve the EIR with floor;

4- Lock type and floor completely consistent, has enough locking force, easier to install and ensure splicing effect;

5- Achieve all kinds of grain requirements consistent with the floor;

6- It is very convenient to realize the EVA or IXPE personalized requirements on the back of the stairnose/tread, comfortable feet, silent noise reduction;


        The above points fully demonstrate the unique advantages of the bending stairnose/tread. The only disadvantages are the slower production efficiency and longer delivery time. But we continue to research and development, and improve the production process, we firmly believe that in the near future can achieve more efficient production process, to meet the requirements of customers bulk order and fast delivery;

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