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Display Rack METAL RACK-03
  • metal display rack
  • Display Rack METAL RACK-03
  • Display Rack METAL RACK-03

Display Rack METAL RACK-03

Waterfall rack is suitable for smaller size sample boards. Usually is put against the wall due to its height.

Metal Display Tower Specification

WDH : 560*430*1930(mm)

Weight : 9.55(kg)

Advertising board size is adjustable

Sample Board

PCS : 14

WL : 460*460(mm)



Metal Display Tower Maintenance:

1: The cleaning cloth should be free from extra dust and stain to avoid further pollution of the equipment surface.

2: For caring agent, there are mainly spray wax and cleaning detergent . The former one is intended for vinyl,engineered board display, often with different fragrance. The latter is more suitable for wooden, glass, and laminate board.

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