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Display Rack METAL RACK-03
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  • Display Rack METAL RACK-03
  • Display Rack METAL RACK-03

Display Rack METAL RACK-03

Waterfall rack is suitable for smaller size sample boards. Usually is put against the wall due to its height.

Metal Display Tower Specification

WDH : 560*430*1930(mm)

Weight : 9.55(kg)

Advertising board size is adjustable

Sample Board

PCS : 14

WL : 460*460(mm)



Metal Display Tower Maintenance:

1: The cleaning cloth should be free from extra dust and stain to avoid further pollution of the equipment surface.

2: Two care agents(wax spray and cleaning detergent) are suittable for the maintentance of differernt products. The former one is intended for vinyl,engineered board display, often with different fragrance. The latter is more suitable for wooden, glass, and laminate board.

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