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Display Rack METAL RACK-05
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  • Display Rack METAL RACK-05
  • Display Rack METAL RACK-05

Display Rack METAL RACK-05

Waterfall rack is suitable for smaller size sample boards. Usually is put against the wall due to its height.

WDH : 600*460(510)*1770(mm)

Weight : 7.1(kg)

Advertising board size is adjustable

Sample Board

PCS : 10

WL : 600*220(mm)



Maintanence of indoor metal display tower

2.1 Avoidance of bumps.

This is the first point to pay attention to after the purchase of metal display racks. Be careful when carrying the racks. They should be placed where hard objects are not often placed. Once they are placed in a fixed place, they should not be moved frequently. The ground on which the display racks is placed should also be kept flat to make the four legs of display racks stable. If the display rack is unstable, it will be slightly deformed over time, which will reduce its service life .

2.2 Cleaning of the dust.

You’d better choose pure cotton knitwear to wipe the surface of rack. Don’t forget to wipe the dust from the hollows and the reliefs on racks.

2.3 Keeping them away from acids and alkali.

Acids and alkali that corrode metals are the "biggest killer" of metal shelves. If a metal shelf is accidentally stained with acid (such as sulfuric acid, vinegar) or alkali (such as soapy water, sodas ), it should be immediately cleaned with water and then dried with a cotton cloth.

2.4 Avoidance of sunlight.

Display racks are best placed to avoid direct sunlight outside the window. If a metal display rack is exposed to the sun for a long time, its paint color will change, its paint layer will dry and crack, and the metal will finally be oxidized.

2.5 Avoidance of moisture.

Indoor humidity should be maintained within a normal range. Display rack should be kept far away from humidifier because moisture will cause metal corrosion, chrome plating, film, etc. When cleaning display racks, avoid washing them with boiled water. Wipe them with a damp cloth, but do not rinse them with running water.

2.6 Removal of rust.

When a rack rusts, don't sandpaper it. If a rack is covered with little rust, you can dip a cotton cloth in oil, spread the oil over the rust and then wipe the rust with a rag in a while. If there is thick rust on a rack, a technician should be needed to remove it.

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