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Display Rack METAL RACK-06
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  • Display Rack METAL RACK-06
  • Display Rack METAL RACK-06

Display Rack METAL RACK-06

Waterfall rack is suitable for smaller size sample boards. Usually is put against the wall due to its height.

WDH : 600*480*1900(mm)

Weight : 15(kg)

Advertising board size is adjustable

Sample Board

PCS :10

WL : 500*480(mm)



Outdoor metal display tower

The material of metal display racks should be rust-proof, wear-resistant, anti-corrosive and exposure-proof. Generally speaking, manufacturers have considered the outdoor environment in the process of production, so users only need to identify well-known manufacturers when buying the products, and do not buy a few unqualified products online. But there are some things you must do:

1.1 Remove the dust regularly

There will be a layer of dust on the surface of the rack over a long time.It will affect the use of the rack, and lead to the loss of the protective film on the rack. So metal display rack should be wiped regularly, generally with a soft cotton cloth.

1.2 Keep them dry on wet days.

According to the weather of local place, the rust resistance of the metal display rack can stand the test. On foggy days, wipe water off metal racks with a dry cotton cloth. On rainy days, display racks should be dried in time after the rain stops. Also, choose the right steel model when buying metal racks.

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