Stair Treads Dimension Installation
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Stairs, as the main traffic facilities for traffic and emergency evacuation, have large flow and steep slope, so they are easy to be dangerous in use. Therefore, it is required in the specification that safety measures should be taken for stair steps. Because of its good integrity and strong seismic effect, cast-in-place stairs have won the favor of more and more owners. After pouring the stairs, we have to consider about the stair treads dimension. Most people tend to install SPC stair treads. So, how to install the SPC stair treads? All molding gives several feasible methods.

1、 Styrofoam

This method is very simple. It is to spray foam glue directly on the surface of cast-in-place stairs, and then stick the stair treads directly on it. Pay attention to the green part of the air gun nail fixed to ensure its stability.

Let the bricklayer help you to make the ladder smooth. There are very uneven parts in the part, which can be treated with a gasket. Then a little depression, more foam. To ensure the firmness of the treads, the whole person can step on the board and twist the body back and forth to make the treads fully contact with the styrofoam.

2、 Wooden keel

First, install the wooden keel on the stairs, then place the wooden floor on the keel, and finally fix the wood floor with elastic glue and nails. The method of elastic glue is economical, practical, and simple. Fixing with nails requires more time and labor resources, but the floor fixed with nails is durable and durable, and the structure is stable, and it is more convenient to replace the floor in the future.

3、 Dovetail groove

This method is more professional and difficult. It is better to ask an experienced master to help you. Nail the wooden dovetail groove directly on the wooden keel of the stair treads, and then use professional tools to open the dovetail groove on the back of the treads, to ensure the consistency between the two, and finally add glue to insert.

stair treads dimension

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