How to Calculate the Stair Treads Dimension?
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How to Calculate the Stair Treads Dimension?

1. The width of the stair treads is 300mm, and the height is 150 mm. It can be adjusted according to the actual floor height, and the adjustment should not exceed 20 mm.

2. Calculation method of stair treads: first confirm how many turns are needed from the first floor to the second floor. If a turn is needed, a rest plane is required. Then, confirm the height of the rest platform from the ground. Mark the position with ink line to measure the length from the starting point to the rest platform. Then calculate the number of steps according to the size of the first point, and calculate the number of steps from the rest platform to the entrance of the second floor ditto;

3. If there are two turning stairs, then two rest platforms are needed. The calculation method is the same as above. First confirm the height of the first rest platform, and then confirm the height of the second rest platform.

Selection of treads:

Don't choose solid wood easily. Especially in the northern area, the swelling caused by drying and wetting will lead to the deformation and cracking of the step board. Once deformed, it will not only affect the aesthetics, but also affect the safety factor. Generally, the stepping board will adopt finger joint plate or glass, the deformation degree of finger joint plate is very small, it is not easy to crack, and has high bearing capacity. It should be noted that when the connecting plate is made into a step board, the surface is generally painted. Like the composite floor, the step board after surface treatment has the function of wear resistance and skid resistance.

Therefore, do not map a moment of light and wax on it, bright is bright, but also can not stand. Moreover, if the water is accidentally sprinkled on the stepping board, it must be wiped dry in time, which is for the sake of safety. If the home is often in high temperature, high humidity, then it is best not to choose finger board to do step board, you can choose glass. In fact, many people prefer the transparent, cold and cool feeling of glass steps.

The glass used for step board is generally toughened glass with large bearing capacity. In fact, a certain thickness of ordinary glass (such as 19mm) can fully withstand the weight of people, but if the situation of breakage (this possibility is very small), toughened glass will not appear as sharp as ordinary glass.

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