Application and Development of Stair Treads Dimension
 Jul 14, 2020|View:384

The installation methods of stair treads dimension are different based on different application scenarios, and they can also be directly welded on the ladder beam.

Features of stair treads dimension: 1. Convenient installation, time and labor saving. 2. It has good lighting, heat dissipation, ventilation and other characteristics. 3. The stair pedal has strong compression resistance, light structure and long service life. 4. It is convenient to maintain and does not need too much treatment. It only needs to clean the surface regularly. At present, stair pedals are mostly used in industrial platforms, handrails, passage floors, road barriers, parking lots, government offices, schools, factories, enterprises, sports grounds, and garden fences. Some of the specially designed ones can also be used as the external windows of residential buildings, the guardrails of expressways and railways.

The size of stair treads is set according to the required stairwell Bay, floor height, width and height of each floor. The evaluation method of the step board is mainly based on the size and width of the step board, and combined with the actual purchase. Or according to the type of step board, choose the appropriate type. At present, the standard of public stair pedal is about 160-170mm, and the size of household pedal should be suitable for the step size of human foot.

Practice has proved that the steps that feel comfortable when walking are generally smaller in height and larger in width. Therefore, when selecting the ratio of height to width, the smaller one is suitable for the two dimensions of the same slope.

stair treads dimension

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