The Appropriate Outdoor Stair Treads Dimension
 Jul 08, 2020|View:995

We may walk stairs every day and see them. Do you feel that different stairs feel different when walking. Some are more relaxed, while others make you feel very tired. In fact, this is related to the stair treads dimension. So what is the stair treads dimension? How to calculate it?

The stair treads dimension includes height and width. The ratio of step height to width is the gradient of stairs. There can be different values of steps under the same slope, and an appropriate range is given to make people feel comfortable when walking. Practice has proved that the steps that feel comfortable when walking are generally smaller in height and larger in width. Therefore, when choosing the ratio of height to width, it is better to choose the smaller one for the two dimensions of the same slope, because it is more labor-saving than the step with large height and width when walking.

Generally speaking, the stair treads height should be 15 to 17 cm, the number of steps is generally between 13 and 16, the step platform depth should be between 22 and 27 cm, and the width should be 75 to 100 cm. In the design of stairs, we must grasp the dimension and try to achieve the same height of each stair treads. However, the width should not be too small, and it should not be less than 240mm, so as to ensure that the center of gravity of the foot's point of force falls near the center of the foot, and 90% of the point of force of the heel is on the step.

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