The Functions of Wooden Floor Skirting
 Oct 27, 2020|View:18

The functions of wooden floor skirting

wooden floor skirting

1. Wall protection

The wooden floor skirting can make the connection between the wall and the ground more firmly, prevent the deformation and damage of the wall caused by external force collision, or dirty the wall by broom, mop, etc.

2. Shielding wires and gaps

Because the wood floor has the phenomenon of thermal expansion and cold contraction, the installation workers generally leave a gap between the floor and the wall, which is not beautiful visually. With the wooden floor skirting, you can have a perfect shielding effect.

In addition, based on the needs of decoration, some people will also hide a part of the line in the wooden floor skirting, a variety of network cables, wires and so on integrated with the wall, the appearance is more concise and good-looking.

3. Easy to clean

Cleaning is easy to accidentally dirty the wall, with the protection of the wooden floor skirting, can reduce this concern, so that scrubbing becomes very convenient.

4. Decorative function

The wooden floor skirting with high appearance value makes the transition and connection of upper and lower spaces more natural, and the overall decoration is harmonious, beautiful, and integrated.

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