Tips to Choose a Floor Sample Board
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Tips to Choose Floor Sample Board:

Tips to Choose Floor Sample Board:

1. Now we all pay attention to health, so when we choose the floor sample board, the first consideration is whether it is environmental protection. It is recommended that you choose e0, e1 grade floor, such a floor is more environmentally friendly, will not harm people's health. In fact, most of the floor sample boards are more environmentally friendly, because floor sample boarding is composed of PVC and calcium carbonate powder and other natural materials, there is no formaldehyde at all, and most of the floor sample boarding is processed from raw materials, and there is no harmful substance in the whole production process.

2. There is a big difference between floor sample board and floor leather. The floor sample board is not only more environmentally friendly but also has a rich variety of colors for owners to choose from, such as stone grain, wood grain, and the carpet pattern. Its effect is similar to wood, stone, and stone. At present, most of the floor sample board surface has been specially treated, which ensures that the floor sample board has good wear resistance, antifouling, and antibacterial and bactericidal functions.

3. When we choose a floor sample board, we should consult whether the business has provided door-to-door installation service. Generally speaking, the regular floor sample board has its own construction team, and all the construction personnel has received professional training and strict practical operation examination before they can take up their posts. We had better inquire online before purchasing, choose after-sales service, and good reputation floor sample boarding business.

4. We should make a preliminary budget before purchasing the floor sample board because the price of the floor sample board on the market is very different now. If we don't make a budget in advance, we don't know what grade of floor sample board to choose. International brands of floor sample boarding prices are relatively high, domestic brands of floor sample boarding are cheaper, we suggest that we should compare before chooseing, choose products with high-cost performance.

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