Assembling of Metal Display Tower
 Oct 29, 2020|View:21

Generally speaking, it will take at least one month for the metal display tower from composition to shipment, and some projects even take half a year to a year. There is no other reason. The production process of a metal display tower is the product development process, and there are too many factors to consider. The design stage includes appearance design and structural design. The appearance design is only the first step, and then the structural design. The assembly design in the structural design that we want to explain to you today is also a very important step.

metal display tower

First of all, let's understand why the metal display tower needs to be assembled? The metal display tower is manufactured in the factory and then delivered to buyers all over the world. Due to the difference in the volume and the pressure resistance of different materials, there is often no uniform standard for the packaging of display shelves. The transportation distance and packing method are the key factors that affect the transportation cost, especially for some large display shelves, the transportation cost of shipment after assembly increases exponentially. At this time, the metal display tower needs to be designed as an assembly structure by the designer, and the goods are shipped separately.

Why does the difficulty of assembling metal display tower affect the utilization rate of customers? One is that customers can quickly assemble display shelves with simple assembly, which can save a lot of time and labor costs, so the customer's experience is naturally high; the second is that metal display tower with high assembly difficulty often have a lot of spare parts, and screws of different sizes and complicated instructions make people confused. What's more, the hands-on ability of ordinary people without training is not very strong This kind of display rack will cost a lot of effort to assemble. I believe its final destination is to count ashes in the warehouse.

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