How to clean the metal display tower?
 Nov 11, 2020|View:112

In addition to firmness, safety, timeliness, and economy of metal display tower is within the customer's consideration, and often dirt resistance is also a major factor.

Recently, many customers have responded to this unit that the metal display tower has been contaminated with a lot of dust after using it for a period of time. The surface doesn't look as new as before. The bright colors are gone forever. My usual advice for consultation on this issue is physical cleaning. The details are as follows.

How to clean the metal display tower

First, milk wipe

The metal display tower is treated by baking paint, and the appearance is beautiful and generous. If placed in a dusty exhibition hall, it is easy to use expired milk and cloth to wipe (wring dry) when the image wood floor sample block is beautiful. The protein in the milk is very well intertwined with dust. Remove most of the dust from the paint surface.

Second, tea wipe

If there is no expired milk and you don't want to waste fresh milk. Tea wipe is also a good way. Tea can make the surface of the display cabinet more clean and bright. Note: Please wipe the tea stains from the surface of the display cabinet with warm water after wiping it.

Third, white vinegar rub

Vinegar is really a good thing. You can use it for anything. Vinegar has sterilization and deodorization, slightly corrosive. So for those slightly stubborn dust, vinegar is a better way. Its effect is greater than the milk and tea above.

These are more common in life, common products. Remove the dust in your spare time. It does not affect work efficiency. It can also enhance the image of the wood floor exhibition hall.

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