Why Does Metal Display Towers Rust?
 Nov 12, 2020|View:103

Why does metal display tower rust? Many customers will rust and peel off after using them for one or two years after installation. Why do they still have this phenomenon in normal use? Customers are very depressed. Today, I'd like to analyze the reasons for this trouble for customers.

1. Steel quality problems of metal display tower

Generally, the steel cost accounts for a large part of the sales price of the exhibition stand. Therefore, in order to make the exhibition stand look more "inexpensive", some metal display tower manufacturers reduce the total cost of the exhibition rack project by reducing the amount of steel used for the exhibition rack; on the other hand, they use cheap and inferior thin plate rolled by small rolling mill to produce the exhibition stand. However, small rolling factories lack equipment and need to be heated many times to form a coil of material. In the process of multiple heating, the temperature of steel is difficult to be well controlled, and the mechanical properties of different parts of the material will have certain differences. At the same time, the Fe-C crystal will produce diversity and instability, and the surface density of the material is poor, and the corrosion resistance is weak.

Steel quality problems of metal display tower

2. Spraying technology of metal display tower

The spraying process of the metal display tower often needs to go through the following steps: rust removal, degreasing, phosphating, water cleaning, drying, electrostatic powder spraying, hot melting, curing, etc. These steps have strict requirements on the control of the processing time of each process, the concentration of phosphating solution, water temperature, the temperature of the drying room, etc., which need very good control. If the equipment is not advanced enough, it is an objective problem, then subjectively destroys the normal process, and the purpose is to reduce the exhibition stand cost by reducing the process and processing time. But doing so can not guarantee the quality of products. Taking phosphating as an example, if this process is reduced, the powder spraying can still be completed, and it is difficult to see the problem in a short time.

The above two aspects are the main reasons for rust and spalling on the surface of the metal display rack. Here we remind the purchasing staff not to determine the supplier simply because of the price when purchasing the metal display tower, but to select a reliable menta rack company and integrate the strength of each company to select a reliable supplier. 

Spraying technology of metal display tower

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