Molding Installation Guide-T-Molding (1) Used as a T-Molding
 Dec 15, 2022|View:207


Step 1

Install the flooring planks by leaving a 1'' inch (25mm) gap for the installation of the SlimTrim. Center the SlimTrack and Shim between the two laminate floors and screw them to the sub floor by using #6x5/8'' screws.


Step 2

Line the SlimTrim molding up with the SlimTrack and fit one end into the molding. Using a rubber mallet, tap the molding until it engages with the track. Use your hand to guide the molding into the track as you work your way down, tapping it in along the way.

Step 3

Next, go up and down the molding several times, tapping the Slim Trim all the way into the track. You can use a little more force once you are sure it is properly engaged in the track.


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