Selection and Planning of Stair Treads Dimension
 Aug 06, 2020|View:193

The width of stair treads dimension is generally about 300x150, which should be adjusted according to the actual floor height. First, confirm the number of turns from the first floor to the second floor, and a turn corresponds to the model of a rest platform. Then, measure the length from the platform to the ground and find out the position. The length from the starting point to the platform needs to be calculated according to the size of the first point. Step board should not be easy to choose solid wood material, especially in northern areas, solid wood material will be due to dry and wet alternate expansion problems, further leading to the deformation and cracking of the step board. Once the deformation not only affects the beauty but also affects the safety factor of the whole staircase. Generally, the stepping board will be made of finger joint plate or glass, with good quality, not easy to crack, and strong bearing capacity. But when made into a stepping board, the surface is usually painted, similar to the composite floor. The step board after treatment has the function of wear resistance and skid resistance. However, if the home has been in a high temperature and humidity environment, it is recommended to abandon the finger joint plate and choose glass. The glass used for the step board is generally tempered glass, with strong bearing capacity and large thickness. Even if it is broken, there will be no general damage sharp corner of ordinary glass, which reduces the potential safety hazard.

stair treads dimension

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