How Should We Apply the Metal Display Tower in Practice?
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The significance of the existence of a metal display tower is that the goods are placed regularly and orderly, colleagues save storage space. In addition to the use mentioned above, there is also a very important additional function of the metal display tower, that is, the display shelf must be able to set off the value of the sample. This value includes but is not limited to practical value and decorative value. So how should we scientifically and reasonably apply the metal display tower in practice?

How Should We Apply the Metal Display Tower in Practice?

1. In the practical process of the exhibition stand, the floorboard, commonly known as cardboard, must be purchased in accordance with the standard materials. Usually buy the bottom of the "Chuan" character shelf.

2. Each display shelf or shelf has its maximum load-bearing capacity. In order to use within the scope of safety standards, overweight must be prohibited.

3. Operation must be standardized if there are heavy samples on the shelf. Then, it is particularly important to prohibit crossing from the bottom of the shelf and remind new colleagues who have just come in.

4. We often encounter a misunderstanding, that is, the shelf is designed to be the same size as the physical space, so the design has a very bad place. When the shelf is installed or other objective environmental factors are sometimes unable to install the complete. This includes width and height.

5. Top heavy is the most taboo of shelf design and installation. This kind of shelf is easy to be dangerous in practical application. The reason is that the center of the shelf is high. The collapse coefficient is high.

6. In the operation process, there is another point that we usually pay attention to. When the forklift truck forks the sample, the driver often does not have such good safety meaning, resulting in a frequent collision between the forklift and the shelf. Be sure to put up warning signs in conspicuous places. Just in case.

How Should We Apply the Metal Display Tower in Practice?

Of course, the actual use process is far more than the above six points. But the above are the most common metal display tower. We must not take it lightly. It has caused irreparable consequences.

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