Hole Type Classification of Metal Display Tower
 Nov 17, 2020|View:418

Up to now, the hole patterns of metal display tower include butterfly hole pattern, diamond hole pattern, and inverted eight hole pattern. The characteristics of these hole types are described in detail below.

metal display tower

For a light metal display tower, the butterfly hole display frame has a lighter load capacity than a diamond hole display frame and an inverted eight-hole display frame. However, the butterfly hole column relies on the weight of the wood floor sample to lock, and the butterfly design makes the metal display tower more beautiful. Combined with p-beam, its bearing capacity is not weak.

Rhombic pass is also called a hexagonal hole, which is widely used at present. The reason is that this kind of goods display frame has a good bearing capacity and reasonable structure, and it is the best combination of exhibition frame with corresponding column card. And this pass can also be used upside down. For example, the bottom of the column of the exhibition stand is easy to deform due to long-time dragging, and there is a potential safety hazard, which affects the normal use. It can be used normally only by disassembling, inverted, and installing the column, and there is no need to replace the column, so the cost can be saved.

The inverted eight-hole pass was very popular in the exhibition rack industry a few years ago, but it has not been used much in recent years. The reason is that the wood floor sample itself is relatively light, so it is not suitable for this kind of heavy-duty exhibition stand. The units that use this kind of heavy-duty exhibition stand all want to be consistent with the original exhibition frame, and they must use the inverted eight-hole column display frame. The whole shape of the column of the metal display tower is characterized by a better bearing effect and stronger bearing capacity than that of the column with a diamond-shaped hole.

If there is no difference in the design of other aspects of the metal display tower, then the influence of the rack pass on the bearing capacity of the display frame is not great. However, there are some differences in cost, installation simplicity, and stability between different pass designs. Butterfly hole looks beautiful and easy to install; diamond-shaped hole with reinforced column clamp, put the cargo post clamp and column will be compressed, can effectively prevent shaking, but the installation is not so convenient; inverted eight shaped hole has the least impact on the bearing capacity of the exhibition frame.

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