What is SPC Stair Nose?
 Apr 19, 2021|View:529

The beauty of the stair treads is not only related to the choice of color and shape, the construction and detailing of the treads is also crucial.

Some treads are constructed without side edging exposed on the outside, although the front of the stairs covered but the side of the stairs exposed, similar to the state of unfinished. The effect of using the spc stair nose can be perfectly wrapped around the outside stairs, which makes the stairs more beautiful. Here is a detailed description of this product.

What is SPC Stair Nose?

SPC stair nose features:

1. Double protection and durable.

2. Green environmental protection, health and no smell. Applicable to all kinds of PVC flooring.

3. spc stair nose is rigid SPC, the corners are rounded design, anti-collision safer

Application: Various materials and sizes of stairs on both sides of the edge.

Colors: A wide variety of colors, can be configured according to customer requirements special colors.

Instructions for use: This product uses glue construction, beautiful appearance and easy construction.

Installation steps:

1. The specifications of the spc stair nose is made in accordance with the national building standards and are suitable for most staircases, and need to be properly cut according to the actual staircase size during installation.

2. Use glass glue to paste after cutting


The construction of the spc stair nose is simple and easy to install, which is favored by the majority of customers.

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