How to install floor transitions or trims?
 Sep 04, 2021|View:368

Floor transitional accessories are very important for floor, typically T-molding, reducer and stair nose. All FloorPartner trims are 94.48'' and wrapped with same vinyl decor as the floor.  Just like some house owners who might install click floor themslves, the trims can also be installed by a green hand. The installation process is not complicated and can be performed with a little tools.

Like various floor types on the market, the moldings and trims also come with different material like wood, porcelain, vinyl and metal. However, the installation process is quite close.

Generally, there are two installation method, using nail or using glue. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages according to different scenerio.

1: The nailing down is the easier one. Just put a nail through any profiles into the substrate like ceiling, wall, concrete floor. It can spare you from potential falling after long period of use. However, even with the remedy of colorful filling or plugs, the incontinous dots afterwards can be quite a bothering. Often, it will introduce U-track to prevent this.

quarter round.png

2: Using glue is a much more frequently used nowadays thanks to the quality glue appearence in construction industry. But it's still not strong enough to hold the profile long enough to make the houseowner carefree. Its intact surface finish may be just a trade for the frequent renovation if under grade glue is involved or an unintended kick.

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Depending on the expected traffic and molding type,  You can choose different installation method. For commercial places, the nailing down method is always prefered to avoid future hassle. Besides, when it comes to aluminum type, most of glue is almost of no use.

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