A New Product Introduction:Edge Bending Flush Stair Nosing
 Feb 07, 2022|View:143

The vinyl stair nosing products on the market are almost all made by the same production processes as vinyl floor: plastic extrusion and color paper wrapping. Therefore, they share similar advantages and disadvantages to the greatest extent. For vinyl stair nosing or tread, they are 100% waterproof and color matching with vinyl floor.


However, as mentioned, vinyl nosing is made by extrusion method in which the Mould plays an utmost role. For floor, the Mould can be used for all same thickness vinyl floor. But for vinyl nosing, the Moulds are different even if the nosing size or shape difference is minor, which always makes each new models price high. Therefore, we developed a brand-new vinyl nosing which can lower the cost a lot and more adaptive to interior design compared with main stream vinyl nosing, the edge bending flush stair nosing.



Its actually made of finished vinyl floor by bending machine so it requires no extrusion mould. The nosing drop and stepping side size can be customized according to different room design. Since its floor in the first place, you dont have to worry about the matching issues like color, thickness or click. Even if the floor comes with underlay, the bending process is also okay. If you also need matching riser, the vinyl floor can easily provide them as they are just floor after cutting but before profiling process.


 The nosing drop can be made square and round for different need. Whats more, the most attractive feature of this new type of nosing is it offers a not-so-bad solution to the stair edge finish. With 45 degree angle cutting, it would be like below, making a nice stair edge finishing.


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