Molding Installation Guide-Stair Nose
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Step 1 

Install the molding flush to the stair. Use stair nose and shim to determine where to start your flooring. Tongue side of flooring plank MUST face stair nose so stair nose can fit snuggly onto Tongue. Remove stair nose and glue the flooring plank  and shimdown. Clean flooring and molding as directed below:


Cleaning Preparation

Preparing the floor & molding as outlined is mandatory to achieve the required bonding strength 

1. Use a damp cloth (water only) to clean both surfaces of loose particles or surface films. 

2. Roughen the surfaces with sandpaper (100-150 grit), sanding sponge or metal brush. For flooring, only roughen up area that will be covered (1.25” to 1.5”). 

3. Degrease both surfaces to remove all traces of oil, grease, dust, and fingerprints by using a light solvent such isopropyl alcohol. 

4. Let both surfaces dry thoroughly before applying adhesive.

Step 2

Turn stair nose over and roughen the inside surface of the  stair nose to increase bond by means of 60 grit sandpaper, sanding sponge, or a  metal brush. Then, gently peel the release paper all the way off the adhesive tape.


Step 3

Next, apply a generous bead of a premium polyurethane construction adhesive  along the entire inside corner. Be sure to overlap the tape with the adhesive.  Reveal edge of plank may show when stair nose is installed. To compensate, apply  a little more adhesive to the molding.


Step 4

Touch the bottom of molding to the stair riser and carefully roll the stair nose in  place. Make any final adjustments before you push the molding all the way down.  Once it’s in the final position, press down firmly with your hands and make your  way down the entire stair nose. It may take 2 or 3 passes to set it firmly in place.


Step 5

The tape may not sufficiently adhere to the rougher stair or subfloor surfaces. Allow  at least 24 hours for the construction adhesive to form a bond. You should always  start at top of stairs and work your way down to avoid contact with the installed  moldings until cured. NOTE: Complete cure takes 48-72 hours.

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